Dante Labs Review: The entire genome tests is with costs - Self -decode resources [September 2021] (2023)

Dante Labs Review: The entire genome tests is with costs - Self -decode resources [September 2021] (1)


  1. Products: Whole genome sequencing, full existing sequencing, health reporting
  2. Cost: $ 700 to $ 1,000 for testing, usually 60 USD per report
  3. Report: Nutrition, fitness, specific health states
  4. Roh Data Access: And
  5. privacy: GDPR -compliant, data deletion available
  6. Alternatives:Self -Dedecode


  • Data from your tests that can be used with other services
  • Large selection of reports


  • Very high costs
  • No other test option than the sequencing of the entire genome/exom
  • Lack of personalized or prioritized health recommendations
  • Potential questionable business practices, including very long waiting times for results and a bad, non -reacting customer support team (according to reviews)

About Dante Labs

Dante Labs was founded by Mattia Capulli and Andrea Riposati in 2016. The headquarters are located in New York City, but their laboratory is in Italy, and dantant Labs was founded with the aim of making the entire genome sequence more accessible to consumers.

Checking the products and functions of Dante Labs

The primary offer from Dante Labs is their entire genome sequencing, and they also offer a more extensive test option that includes both the entire genome sequencing and the entire exom sequence.

With the data from your shared apartments you offer a variety of health-related reports.

You can also upload a file from another test service to access some of Dante Labs's reports without carrying out your test.

Checking the reports from Dante Labs

Each report focuses on another health issue. The most reports cover the genetic predispositions for certain conditions, but some more general topics such as nutrition or dermatology.

The reports begin with a short summary of all variants analyzed in the report. The diagram describes every property/condition and offers a brief summary of how your DNA influences it.

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Dante Labs Review: The entire genome tests is with costs - Self -decode resources [September 2021] (2)

For each characteristics dealt with in the report, there is a more detailed description that the relevant SNPs, your genotype and what your special genotype means for you. There are recommendations based on your results, but they are quite simple.

Dante Labs Review: The entire genome tests is with costs - Self -decode resources [September 2021] (3)

This is all that is contained in the reports. This reports could definitely make a better task of summarizing the information and prioritization of recommendations. Since so many factors are covered and recommendations for everyone are difficult to know, knowing,where to start.

Costs for Dante Labs

Dante Labs 30 -Fe overall genome sequencing test costs 700 US dollars. In this price, the test itself and reports on nutrition, fitness and reaction to medication contain a report on rare diseases to also include.

All additional reports also cost: 60 USD per individual report or 600 US dollars to get access to all panels.

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The company also offers a test that combines its entire genome sequencing with the entire Exomsequencing. The costs for this test are 1,000 US dollars.

Is the entire genome sequencing worthwhile?

Not yet.

The entire genome sequencing is far more expensive than other popular DNA test kits on the market that test up to one million snps. A test ofSelf -DedecodeFor example, it costs 90 US dollars -this is far more affordable than the cost of 700 US dollars for WGS with Dante Labs.

By using a technology called genetic imputation, you can close the variations of many more SNPs than is sequenced by a standard -Snp chip test. For example, self -code AI and machine learning uses up to 83 million genetic variants of a typical DNA -To predict and analyze the file carefully.

At this point, you will only receive very little for the considerable additional costs that are necessary for the sequence of the entire genome. Deadly other DNA tests on the market concentrate more on the SNPS, which contain implementable findings, so that you are essentially the same end resultdeliver in relation to health information.

Health recommendations from Dante Labs

Dante Labs contains some health recommendations in their reports. However, they are quite simple and not holistic. In the report, every recommendation based on its genotype for every specific SNP is taken into account.He does not take into account how several genes work together.

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The reports would also benefit from the prioritization of their recommendations. It is difficult to decide where to start when you read the recommendations contained in your reports.

The type of recommendations depends on the report. In the Nutrisigenomics report, for example, all recommendations affect which food you should eat or avoid more.

Review of Dante Labs's data protection and data security

Dante Labs claims that they are with their data GDPR-compliant, including enabling them to delete them.A reddit user claimsYou could not find a way to delete your data or reach the company to apply for this.

The company also claims that it processes all its data in the EU or in the USA and uses a cloud-based database via Amazon Web Services.

Selfdecode against Dante Labor

  1. Self -dedecode deliversnatural supplementary, nutrition and lifestyle suggestionsBased on your genes, which you can implement immediately, you provide some suggestions, but not everyone is personalized.
  2. Self code tells youWhy you make every recommendationSo that you can understand science behind the proposal, you do not provide you with so detailed Labs for your recommendations.
  3. Self -DedecodePriority recommendationsBased on your analysis oftoThe relevant genes instead of a gene at the same time (through reports). Ducing Labs does not prioritize any recommendations.
  4. Selfdecode takes aholistic approachTo give recommendations that are best suited for their genes and the health issue. Dantant Labs does not pursue a holistic approach.
  5. Selfdecode has thatThe first and only world in the world Personalized genetics blogThis enables you to get new gene recommendations every day, you have a blog, but is not personalized and covers more general topics in the world of genetics.
  6. Selfdecode is thatmost comprehensivelyAnd examines more genes & SNPs (up to 83 million) to provide the best analysis of genetic risks. Duke Labs is comprehensive in its analysis but expensive.
  7. Self -decode supports everythingScientific studiesIn your research and reviews on contradictory information. Ducal Labs supports your conclusions with research, but these studies are not listed in your reports.
  8. Self -Dedecodenever Sold your dataOr is there a way, you get the same claim.


Self -DedecodeNebel GenomicsI amDante Labs
Personalized and holistic health recommendationsAndNONONO
One-Click-Regime BuilderAndNONONO
ProductsDNA tests, wellness reports, research-based personalized blog posts, health recommendationsWGS, health reporting, characteristics, ancestorsDNA tests, characteristics, wellness reports, more precise descentWGS/WES, health and fitness reporting, genetic health risks
Raw data accessAndAndAndAnd
Costs (USD)$ 97 - $ 387$ 0 - $ 999+$ 99 - $ 499$ 700- $ 1.000+

Dante Labs reviews

Trust pilot - 578 customer average assessment of4.0 out of 5 stars

Reviews for Dante Labs about Trustpilot are mixed. A user appreciate the completeness of their tests, others believe that their customer support will no longer react, and others even complain that they never get results and tried to receive a refund.

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Besseres Business Bureau -Class from F

Dante Labs received 57 complaints from Better Business Bureau. Customers complain about very long turnaround times for results and a non -reacting customer service team.

Read what people say about Dante LabsReddit

Reddit users say that it took up to six months to get their data, and they are not sure whether it is even their own, since there are some final contradictions such as hair and eye color.

Alternatives to Dante Labs

  • Self -Dedecode: The best option for health-oriented DNA analysis with personalized reports and recommendations to improve your quality of life.

Dante Labs review summary

Dante Labs offers the option for the entire genome or exom sequence for consumers worldwide, and they also provide health-related reports with a sufficient amount of details.

However, the entire pricing for the sequencing of the genome is high, especially compared to other companies in the room.Six months. There are also a number of complaints about the non -reacting customer service and difficulties that are reimbursed.

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The reports also lack priorified, holistic health recommendations. A service such asSelf -DedecodeOffers far more personalized health recommendations and information about which should be implemented first. You can even upload a WGS fileSelf -DedecodeTo get more value out of your entire gene novel analysis.

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