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With a holiday rental in Donegal you can discover this wonderful county

Donegal County in Northern Ireland is home to pretty towns and stunning countryside. Explore the Atlantic cliffs and traditional gastro pubs, all within walking distance of your Donegal holiday rental. The Bluestack Mountains are another natural wonder waiting to be explored, and if you're traveling with kids, activities like bowling and jungle gyms will keep them busy for hours. Settle into the island's northernmost county with a pint of Guinness and discover the beauty of this remote gem.

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Apartments with WiFi

Stay connected when traveling and book accommodation in Donegal with high speed internet.

Apartments and holiday homes with kitchens

Prepare a feast on your next holiday and book a rental in Donegal with a full kitchen.

Apartments with a fireplace

Stay warm and cozy on those cold Donegal winter nights by booking a cottage with a fireplace.

Popular rental facilities in Donegal

Accommodation can be selected according to various criteria. Above you can see the number of vacation rentals in Donegal that include a certain amenity. HomeToGo data underscores that “Internet" And "TV" are the most commonly offered features in Donegal. Three atypical features are "the park," "Whirlpool," And "Pets Allowed."

The weather in Donegal

- Rainy days

Find the Donegal climate chart. In August, maximum temperatures rise to over 61 °C. No heatwave is expected in February, where minimum average temperatures typically hit a low of 36°C. The rainiest month is August while the driest month is May.

7 day weather forecast in Donegal

Friday March 17th



Sat, March 18th



Sun, March 19



Mon, March 20th



Tue, March 21



Wed, March 22nd



Thu, March 23



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Accommodation for your holiday in Donegal

In Donegal,almost halfof the50accommodations areHouse rentthat represent45,83 %its listed properties. Interesting in particular is the average cost of this type of property$427per night, with an average size of55 m². In addition, this accommodation category is an excellent option for large groups, like mostHouse rentcan welcome11People. If you prefer something different, you can search and compare many other options, e.gBed & Breakfast, which are the second most popular type of property in Donegal.Bed & Breakfastin Donegal sind55 m²on average, with average prices$129per night.

What are the top attractions in Donegal?

Attractions in Donegal: What to see on your visit

The city of Donegal is the hub of activity for visitors to the region. Although it's easy to explore on foot, bikes are a common spot and can be hired on the main street. The local Traveler Information Center on Quay Street is an excellent source of current affairs, but some enduring highlights of the city are the Castle and Abbey. Rossnowlagh, about 20 minutes from the center, is a popular blue flag beach which is an excellent place to relax and unwind. Water sports, swimming and surfing are popular activities here.

Donegal is a county full of natural beauty and that is why most travelers choose to visit the region. The cliffs of Slieve League on the Atlantic Seaboard are stunning and a must-see. You are free to traverse the many paths at your leisure while enjoying the panoramic views before returning to your holiday home in Donegal.

There are two inhabited islands that make for wonderful day trips. Arronmore and Tory Island both offer at least one hotel, several pubs and spectacular scenery. Arronmore is accessible by car ferry while the smaller Tory Island can only be reached by foot passenger service.

Those who enjoy playing golf will not be disappointed with a holiday home in Donegal. There are several golf courses scattered throughout the county and the naturally rugged topography makes for challenging golf courses with spectacular views.

What are the best family activities in Donegal?

Donegal with Kids: Things to Do with Kids

Donegal is a very family friendly destination. Rose Cottage Riding School and Letterkenny Karting Center both offer great facilities for learning to drive and spinning behind the wheel. Even on rainy days there is no shortage of the area. Bundoran Bowling and Jungle King (a large indoor play area) are both ideal ways to while away the time if you want to stay indoors and have a little time from your holiday rental in Donegal.

If you want to explore the great outdoors, the Maghera Caves and Glenveagh National Park are close by. Glenveagh also offers family events throughout the summer, all of which are free but advance booking is recommended.

What are the best nightclubs in Donegal?

Nightlife in Donegal: bars, pubs and restaurants

The epicenter of the county, Donegal town is renowned for its pubs. Most have live music in the summer months and many serve food so you can really make an evening out of it. The Reel Inn is a popular meeting place in the heart of the city and invites musicians and singers for daily entertainment. The Castle Bar is as traditional as it gets, serving cakes and fresh seafood platters all day, perfect for lunch or dinner.

In Letterkenny, the county's largest town, there are several pubs and nightclubs. Sister Sara's, Glencar Inn and The Cavern are popular with locals and visitors alike.

If your holiday rental in Donegal is further afield you will almost always find a local pub serving food and of course Guinness. If you are in more rural areas you can stock up on groceries in your kitchen and spend the evening in the stunning surroundings to make the most of your holiday rental in Donegal.

What are the main attractions in Donegal?

Explore Donegal

Daniel O’Donnell Museum

Follow Irish country singer and presenter Daniel O'Donell's career over the past 25 years with rare videos and memorabilia such as his wedding suit and his platinum and gold awards.


A somewhat steep hike down to the beach takes you to theLarge sea arc of Pollet, a striking example of the sculptural effects of marine erosion.

Abbey of the Four Masters

Founded in 1474 by the Franciscan friars, all that remains of this atmospheric abbey overlooking the ocean is evidence of early Christian life in Ireland.

Lough Eske

The "lake of fish', which is north east of Donegal, is very popular with anglers. As well as salmon and trout, there are many fine walks to enjoy here.


Located on the River Eske in central Donegal, the castle is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of medieval Irish chieftains.

Information on Holiday Rentals in Donegal

🏡Apartments 50 properties
💳Possible discounts up to 20%
🌙Nightly prices from $63
⭐Popular Amenities Internet, TV and courtyard
🏊Apartments with pools 40 properties

frequently asked Questions

What is the average price per night for a vacation rental in Donegal?

The average accommodation in Donegal is $63 per night. If you are interested in renting a house, the average price is $427 per night. A bed and breakfast in Donegal costs an average of $129 per night.

How many holiday homes can be booked in Donegal?

There are 50 holiday homes in Donegal to browse and rent for your upcoming trip.

What are the most popular features of holiday homes in Donegal?

If you want to book a holiday apartment in Donegal, others are looking for accommodation with Internet, TV and garden.

How many vacation rentals with pools are there in Donegal?

In Donegal there are 40 holiday accommodations from 5 providers.

Are dogs allowed in cottages in Donegal?

If you are traveling with a pet in Donegal - 3% of holiday rentals allow pets.

What are the best months to travel to Donegal?

Donegal has its warmest time of the year in August and July with average overnight prices around $63.

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