How to get pets or critters | Don't Starve Together Guide - Basically average (2023)

I can't deny that this is a big part of why I playDon't starve togetheris for the novelty of aesthetics and art direction. There is a reality that many articles are not that interesting and everyone loves those moments when they open their 6th straight rock, but there are some elements to itSummertimethat are worth the wait.

Perhaps you passed a cave with eyes peeking out. At first glance, it's understandable why players are afraid to be around, but nothing could be further than the truth!

The Rock Den or Critter Cave is the only area where players can access one of the many adorable sidekicks to join them on their adventures in The Constant.


Critters are passive pets that are primarily aesthetic. While critters can appear to damage enemy mobs, depending on their characteristics, critters are never able to attack or assist players in combat.

Luckily, Critters are virtually immortal and don't require any protection or mechanics to stay alive, as they don't provide players with a stat boost or major benefits.

There are currently a total of 7 critters inDon't starve together, each working in a similar way.


Critters can only be accessed through theCritters-Tabwhile the players are presentrock is. Each creature requires 2 items to summon it, one of which is food and the other is an item/resource related to that creature.

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As mentioned, no, critters are pretty much immortal and the only way to get rid of one is to return to the Rock Den to trade it for another. Players can also simply leave their critter in the Rock Den if they don't want a companion.

Players keep their pet after death or after a character change in the Heavenly Portal, so don't stress out too much if you ever find yourself in either situation.


God knows why critters get hungry, but when they do, prepare themselves for endless crying until you feed them again.

Critters can stay full for a maximum of 4.25 days, but not all foods will give critters a completely full belly. Less food will keep critters full for about 2 daysa crockpot recipekeeps the critter full longer.


Players can feed Critters any resource players can eat, including rot and spoiled food.

I would recommend feeding your Critter Glow Berries or Lesser Glow Berries as this will cause critters to emit light for a short period of time.

Spoiled food and stale food give critters less hunger value. Spoiled Food gives only 50% and Spoiled Food only gives 10%.


No, a single player cannot have more than one critter at a time. As mentioned above, if players want to change what creature they have, they must give up their current creature. However, multiple players can have the same critter type.


As mentioned earlier, there are 7 different critters that players can obtain while playingDon't starve together. Some critters are easier to obtain than others and some are even locked by the season in which certain resources can be obtained.

Below are all the creatures you can summon and everything you need to know to get them.

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As someone who hopes sobe bald ein Wurt main, I'm a big fan of Broodling. The Broodling is a baby version ofthere Summer Chef, the dragonfly. Broodlings are one of the more difficult creatures as you have to interact with the Dragonfly and it can take up to a year for you to obtain them.


To get the hatchling, players must discard aChilled larvaeand aSpicy Chili.


In order to obtain a Chilled Larva, players must first obtain a Larvae Egg from killing the Dragonfly (33% chance) or a Loot Lair. A larval egg needs to be kept near a fire for 2 days and if it gets too cold it will change color and turn into rocks.

If larvae eggs are kept near a fire long enough, they will hatch into an extra-adorable larva that can be guided by a larval fang. Larvae have 250 health and must eat ash or charcoal every 2 days or they will die.

When players drop the Larvae Tooth, the Extra-Adorable Larvae will stop following them, just likeChester and the eye bone.

A quick side note about Extra-Adorable Larvae is that you can cook on them and you'll be provided with heat and light at all times.Perfect for the winteryou could say, right?

Well, players have to freeze these guys with an ice stick or some other freezing method!

Players also need to collect Meat x1.5 and Vegetables x1.5 to craft Spicy Chili. Players must ensure both amounts are exactly 1.5 for the recipe to become Spicy Chili.

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NeuerDon't starvePlayers may not be aware of thisEwecusor the different mobs they can discover after completing a trailSuspicious pile of dirt. Well, apart from Varg and Koalafant, players can encounter a sheep-like mob, the Ewecus. Well, the ewelet is just the smaller, cuter version of the ewecus!


In order to get their hands on an ewelet, players must surrender1 steel woolAndGuacamole.


As you might have guessed, players must kill the ewelet's mother if they hope to get the ewelet as their companion.

While it's always a good idea to follow as many suspicious dirt piles as possible, as they're one of the most handy sources of meat; Players should grind out suspicious piles of dirt as early as possible if they hope to secure an adorable Ewelet pet.

Suspicious piles of dirt aren't that much funin the winterunless you're a character who stays extra warmWilson,WeberAndWoodie. If you're playing with a group of friends, have one person follow the Suspicious Dirt Piles and then everyone meet up to slay the Koala Fant for an easy kill!

There is a 25% chance that players will spawn an Ewecus when following a suspicious dirt pile. Killing the Ewecus will give players 2 or 3 Steel Wool, making the Ewelet fairly easy to obtain.

As for guacamole, players will need1 mole,1 cactus meat/ripe drupe, And2 fillers(Twigs, ice, mushrooms, carrots, cactus meat, or eggs.) I would recommend using cactus meat, ice, or twigs as the filler as these are the easiest to source.

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As much as I don't care about turkeys or the aesthetics, I have to admit that the Giblet is pretty cute. The Giblet is another easy critter to adopt, but will require a bit more patience depending on the RNG you get.

The Giblet appears to be a baby version of a eater, without the annoying trait of stealing all of your berries from mature berry bushes!


The Giblet can be adopted through trading in aFeather hutAndpathMix.


As mentioned earlier, Giblet is pretty easy to get as long as you know how to kill Tentacles. Since Giblet requires a plumed hat, players must obtain it3 jet springs,2 purple feathersAnd2 tentacle spots.

Crimson Feathers are dropped by Tumble Weed and Redbirds and Jet Feathers are dropped by Crows, Pengulls, Tumbleweed and Vultures. Players should be able to collect any type of feather year-round by opening Tumbleweed, but Crimson Feathers can only be collected in Fall.Spring, AndSommerbecause redbirds only appear during these seasons. Alternatively, snowbirds appear inWinter, which have a chance to drop Azure Feathers for blow darts. Crows appear at any time of the year, making Tentacle Patch the only difficult resource to farm simply due to the toughness of the tentacles.

I would recommend giving the jobWendy,Wortox,WigfridorWolfgangif you are new to fighting tentacles. Everyone will have an easier time fighting due to their passive skills.

As far as making Trail Mix goes, at least get your hands on it1 toasted birch nutAnd2 berries(or 1 berry and 1 pomegranate). I usually mix 2 Roasted Birch Nuts and 2 Berries as I usually have both resources on hand at all times.Trail Mix is ​​a great health food, so it will be good to have something lying around.

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Another delightful addition to the critter roster is the Glomglom. Glomglom is the baby version of Glommer, which I don't have the right words to describe. Glommer and Glomglom are adorable puffy blue balls that float around and look cute. They bring joy to The Constant and my partner got Glomglom today and I'm fucking jealous!


In order for players to obtain Glomglom as a travel companion, they must collect it1 Glommer's GoopAnd1 Toffee.


To secure Glommers Gloop, players must either collect Glommers from the Glommers Statue during the full moon by holding their flower. Glommer, similar to Chester, will only follow you while holding Glommer's flower andwill provide 6.25 sanity to playersper minute standing next to Glommer.

Players can either murder Glommer and get two Glommer's Goop or wait between 2 and 4 days to get a piece of Goop.

If players want to farm Glommer's Goop, I would recommend placing Glommer's Flower near your base so you can easily collect all the Goop Glommer drops. You can also take Glomm for a walk, but be careful as aggressive mobs will kill Glommer.

Toffee, on the other hand, is one of the easiest foods to prepare3 sweetenersAnd1 filler. I usually make taffy with 4 sticks of honey. Set out to smash a few hives, but the odds are goodYou want some Bee Boxes to be builtfor that sweet, sweet healing juice!

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Kittykit is my favorite animal but that might just be because of thatI'm such a big cat person. Kittykit is the baby version of a catcoon.


Players must exchange1 cat tailAndfish sticksin the Rock Den to get Kittykit.


To get a cat tail, players need to go catcoon hunting. Catcoons only have a 33% chance of dropping cat tails.

Catcoons can be found in Hollow Stumps, which only appear in the Deciduous Forest biome. Similar to single playerDon't starveCatcoons have 9 lives, although Hollow Stumps can regenerate in themSummertime, making cat tails and catcoons a renewable resource.

To prepare some fish fingers, players will need0,5 Fisch,1 Stockand all2 other foods, minus the moleworm.

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Arguably the toughest creature players can get is the mothling, a baby moon moth. Mothlings need players to visit Lunar Island, which is usually a late-game partDon't starve together. Unlike all other creatures, the Mothling emits light without the help of Glow Berries or Lesser Glow Berries, making it the most helpful critter.

The Mothling won't glow when he's hungry, so make sure you feed this little fella when he's hungry to make sure you're always safe from Charlie.

Unlike many other critters, the Mothling also requires these playersWait until summer to get it. Unfortunately, the mothling isn't a new player-friendly type of critter, so you'll probably want to avoid this sucker until you're more comfortable with the game.


To get the Mothling, players must discard aMondmotteand aBlumensalat.


Moon Moths are located on Lunar Island and spawn from Lunar Trees. Moon moths appear to be very similar to butterflies and can be replanted to produce Lune Tree seedlings.

Players must sail to the edges of the Constant to find the Moon Isle, which unfortunately presents the greatest difficulty when it comes to collecting Moon Moths needed to craft the Mothling. Players need to build a boat and 4 boards to which various other kits like masts, steering wheel kit and anchor kit need to be attached. Players also need an Oar or Malbatross Bill to sail the boat, making the Mothling a fairly expensive critter.

Lunar Island also has a number of mechanical changes, such as B. Enlightenment that worksthe opposite of reason. Again, mothling is not for the faint of heart! Haha!

However, Flower Salad is extremely easy to grow as all you need is1 cactus flowerAnd3 vegetables. The easiest recipe in my opinion is 1 cactus flower, 2 cactus meat and 1 ice cream. The only problem is that cacti only bloom in summer. boo

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How much is the puppy in the window? The Vargling is the baby version of the Varg, a boss that is located using Suspicious Dirt Piles. Although it doesn't fully fit into themDon't starveIn the lore, it appears the Vargling looks more like a baby dog, not considered a baby Varg.

It doesn't matter who the dad is, Varglings are adorable and definitely fill a gamer's canine needs!


Varglings are arguably the easiest critters for players to adopt, as players get attacked by hounds every few days and accumulate a lot of Hounds Teeth.

players need4 hunting teethAnd1 Monster-Lasagne.


Monster Lasagna can be cooked with at least 2 Monster Meat and 2 other foods except Twigs. I personally use 4 monster meat as I always have plenty of monster meat in my base, but you can substitute berries or ice cream if you don't have that much monster meat.

As for Hounds Teeth, players are regularly attacked by Hounds, making Hounds Teeth a pretty expendable resource. Especially if you have already made some sewing kits and have multiple players on one server.


Creatures evolve traits based on the actions the player takes. Each action earns points in one of 4 categories and is rerolled every 1.75 to 2.25 days.

While players can participate in promotions from different categories, the animal aligns itself according to the trait in which it has the most points.

Creatures acquire their first dominant trait at 10 days, but after that they change every 1.75 to 2.25 days.

The maximum number of points players can put into a trait is 40, and trait points expire at a rate of 1 point per day. The minimum score for a trait is -12, and if an animal has negative points in all traits, it takes 3.75 to 4.25 days before the next dominant trait is assigned.

If an animal has a dominant trait, each time you take an action that adds points to that trait, the animals get a 10% bonus.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what dominant trait Critters have as it is purely aesthetic, although the following are ways you can obtain the traits.


To earn points for the Crafty trait, players must spend time crafting items or structures, although walls do not count toward this trait.

If critters have a dominant Crafty trait, their name will appear with Crafty next to it, and the critter will perform animations when the player hacks, digs, mints, or crafts. Oddly enough, although Critters will animate when players hack, mine, or dig, performing either of these actions doesn't help earn points toward the Crafty trait.

characters likeWinonashould have no trouble maintaining the Crafty trait on their critter.


The Playful Trait is the easiest trait critters can get, as all players have to do is pet the critter, allow the critter to play, or allow the critter to play with another player's critter . I can't deny how cute it is to see critters play with each other.

Playful critters gain the Peppy attribute, which allows the critter to play with other critters from a greater distance and makes it even easier to maintain this trait.


Wigfrid,WolfgangAndWX-78Players usually make their creatures go "scrappy" simply due to the fact that the trait requires players to kill mobs/monsters.

When Critters are Scrappy, Critters will pretend to attack while players attack enemy mobs. Even if your critter appears to be attacking the enemy monster, the critter cannot damage enemy mobs.


In order to gain the well-fed trait, living beings must receive sufficient food. Similar to many other mobs, players can feed a critter raw food for 1 point or crockpot food for 4 points. Critters get 5 points when players feed them their favorite food, which is the food used to adopt the critter.

When critters are well fed, they gain the Plump attribute to their name and go hungry less often. The Well-Fed attribute is most useful on the mothling.

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